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Who is Kenneth Batiste?

Kenneth is a neighbor of yours on Normandy Place, who will be challenging Stephen Faessel for City Council in District 5. He has been a homeowner for 13 years in Anaheim. He is a father, grandfather, and a very devoted husband to his wife of 6 years Roxanne. He attended L.A. Southwest college, Idaho State University, before attending and receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Springfield College (Magna Cum Laude).

Kenneth is a former FIREFIGHTER for the United States Forest Service working in the Trabuco district in the Cleveland National Forest. Kenneth is also a former Los Angeles County Social Worker and Probation Officer. He worked at Central Juvenile Hall in East Los Angeles for nearly 25 years, receiving approximately 50 commendations while in service there, including Officer of the Year at Central Juvenile Hall and American Legion’s Probation Department Officer of the Year (both in 2007). 

Kenneth, being an avid golfer (down to a 9 handicap), became a volunteer coach for the FIRST TEE program in both South Central Los Angeles and the Orange County chapters, helping hundreds of children learn life skills along with golf. When an O.C. chapter Christmas party was left with many leftover Jersey Mike sandwiches, Kenneth convinced the manager in charge to let him give the sandwiches to the area’s homeless folks.  All sandwiches were given away in the State College/ La Palma Plaza (near CVS), and a new direction in Kenneth's life was born. 

  Kenneth became involved with a food program through Missionary work with small churches in Los Angeles and O.C., when food exceeded storage space and would have been discarded. Kenneth stepped in and started picking up and donating food to the homeless, the Rescue Mission in the heart of LA’s Skid Row, the homeless in the orange county riverbed, and even the LAPD southeast police station.


When Kenneth moved to Anaheim, he was quick to become a community advocate for many underserved people. Kenneth was quickly invited and joined in Housing is a Human Right OC and the Poor People's Campaign O.C. Kenneth became a regular speaker at both O.C. Board of Supervisors and Anaheim city council meetings, speaking on behalf of the above organizations.


At one point Kenneth was captured on a YouTube video entitled:
“Homeless protester clashes at Board of Supervisors meeting O.C. California.” 
90 speakers with one minute each to speak, and Kenneth was picked to represent the homeless advocates’ side.  

He has spoken nearly a hundred times at Anaheim city council meetings, and spoke up loudly after an 89-year-old great-grandmother spoke about getting evicted from her mobile home, and possibly becoming Homeless at Rancho La Paz. Kenneth’s passion was so strong that Mayor Sidhu cut the microphone off in the middle of his speech - Kenneth and was the first voice to call out for this mayor’s RECALL. He has been featured in the Voice of O.C. many times for speaking up against the Mayor’s and council’s policies, and because of it was invited and attended a union candidate academy, at which he began the thought to consider running for city council.  


He believes that the city of Anaheim and the bulk of the current council have forgotten about the RESIDENTS of Anaheim, and have instead given way too many taxpayer funds and huge tax breaks to the big businesses that fund their campaigns. The homeless situation is the big problem it is now because this council chose to ignore it for so long. More than 55% of Anaheim residents are renters, and the city council unfairly represents and stands with property owners instead of residents. 


Kenneth has been involved in Anaheim for many years, and has been the voice of support for food programs, senior citizens, rent protection, and living wage for the working people of Anaheim. Kenneth picks up food and helps feed the many homeless folks in Anaheim. He has been an advocate for Senior citizens of Anaheim and the coalition of unions at Disneyland. He has helped numerous times donating to Chef Bruno’s programs for kids in Anaheim which feed 5,000 homeless and motel children.


Kenneth marched with hotel workers to pass measure L, the living wage measure which Anaheim voters later passed. He feels most people forget those hotel room and kitchen workers in the Disney Park and restaurants that generate money for Anaheim. They have forgotten Anaheim residents doing the tasks that keep them in business and they deserve a living wage. 


Kenneth is also a blood donor for the Red Cross, City of Hope, and UCI. He has gotten over his fear of needles to help other people because his “O” negative blood type can be used by everyone. Maybe that's why he has a big HEART, puts PEOPLE over MONEY, and RIGHT over WRONG.


Unlike the current City Councilman, Kenneth will not be a puppet of the mayor and a gang of four that forget people and only think of their campaign contributors. Kenneth Batiste believes we must take our city back from this current council that is hurting residents to further their political futures. 
Kenneth Batiste says he answers to God and knows right from wrong and will not be on the leash of Anaheim’s special interests when it comes to doing the right thing for the RESIDENTS of Anaheim. Residents first!!!

Batiste4District5 Committee
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