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An unscrupulous billionaire John Saunders bought a mobile home park in Anaheim, Rancho La Paz and raised the rents 90%.

Rent relief for Mobile Home Parks was put on the agenda at the Anaheim city council.

Mobile Home Park Leader Lupe Ramirez and rallied the residents to come to the Anaheim City Council. 

The Anaheim City Council faced off against 100 or more scared and angry Mobile Home Park residents that night. The Mobile Home Park residents threatened with their votes (Seniors Vote), cried and begged the City Council to help them as they could not afford the rent increase and could lose their homes

The Anaheim City Council can stop these crazy increases in rent with a YES VOTE for Rent Stabilization in Mobile Home Parks just like in apartments.

The Majority City Council Members - Mayor Harry Sidhu, Lucille Kring, Jordan Brandman, Stephen Faessel and Trevor O’Neil  voted NO!! To save the Mobile Home Park residents from rent increases.

The Majority City Council received large financial donations from --- JOHN SAUNDERS

In a later meeting the Anaheim City Council gave a small stipend to the Mobile Home Park residents that helped some pay the added rent for 3 months.

Since then many elderly have lost their homes. The fight continues to this day.

Watch this Youtube video from March 19 2019 City Council Meeting;

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