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When our renters are unstable our city is unstable.  Making better decisions for the city to assist the citizens in dealing with the effects of COVID-19 and not give $6.5 Million to Visit Anaheim for bookings of resort locations that are not even open!  The Convention Center, Disneyland, cannot operate during the pandemic, so why are we giving them $6.5 Million so they won't go out of business but our citizens can be evicted!  The $6.5 Million the city council gave Visit Anaheim could assist not just renters, but also those homeowners who became unemployed as a result of the pandemic. 

The group that has been more affected by high priced rent is our seniors. with rent going up faster than wages the main objective is not to have working people going homeless.  The protections should be on  both sides, I  believe that no one should tell a landlord how much he should charge for rent, but once these rents are agreed with then there should be some protections for the renter so that the end results end up in a homelessness.   


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