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Much better management of funds for the RESIDENTS benefit by instead of giving 550 million to Disneyland for a four-star resort (after Disney purchased Fox in 2017 for 52.4 Billion), and invest that money towards the above housing. With the employee's pension looming near one million dollars and still paying off bonds from 1997. The Angel deal before the last contract grossed a hundred million a year to the Angels, while the Residents only grossed $200,000 a year for the last ten years.  Residents pay 108 million dollars for Mickey and Friends parking lot which Disney operates and keeps all the MONEY. Residents pay bonds till 2037, 375 million for the Convention center 2, paying 182.4 million for the ARCTIC.  All of these revenue was spent in the interest of big business  for the benefit of the RESIDENTS -  WE MUST DO BETTER    

Batiste4District5 Committee
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